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Real people = real pizza.


Restaurants with the most heart and the most loved are typically more than a decade-old, often family-owned, and distinguished by quality food that reflects the character of their communities. North Mr. Pizza ticks all of those boxes! 


Championship Dining (the same company that runs Hot Chip Burger Bar) has acquired one of Rochester’s favorite pizza places, North Mr. Pizza. 

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The Story

THE BEGINNING = Chef Boyardee? 🤔


The thought of Mr. Pizza began way back in 1963 when Mark Fulton’s dad was in the kitchen putting together a pizza from a box of Chef Boyardee. Yes, that Chef Boyardee. While perfecting this at home, the thought came, “We could make this a business…” The Mr. Pizza restaurant opened in 1963, and was operated in the small shopping center right behind Daubes Bakery. Mr. Pizza continued as a family run business all the way though 2019. 


🎶He was a boy, she was a girl, can I make it any more obvious?🎶 Mark was busy as an up-and-coming pizza restaurant owner, and that’s when Jane came into the picture. She was a waitress at the South Store, and it wasn’t long before the two linked up and started dating. A couple of years later, and they were married! That’s when Jane became a part of the pizza institution and started running it alongside Mark and his brother. In about 2006, Mark and Jane bought property for the North location— the thought was to expand the menu and do things a little differently. After about 6 months of the North location up and running, South and North split for good, just like Brangelina. Since then, the North store has been up and running smoothly!


After a couple of Championship Dining meetings, the Schoville/Zubay run restaurant group, they decided to preserve the small, family-run pizza tradition and took over as the new owners in 2020.

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