Mr. Pizza began in 1963 when the Fulton family's patriarch was in the family kitchen, putting together a pizza from a box for his family. It was a little gem from Chef Boyardee, and was a life changer for the midwest And a life changer for the whole Fulton family- because while perfecting this at home, the thought came: we could make this a business...


We are doing our best to ensure the health and safety of our community and staff. We are still here for you and are determined to serve our hometown classic comfort food. Thank you for all your support, and thank you in advance for understanding if menu items and hours change as we navigate through these unprecedented times! 

Stay well,

Mr. Pizza North Staff 


MONDAY:              pepperoni  - Italian sausage and pepperoni - rotational 

TUESDAY:             pepperoni - bacon cheeseburger  - buffalo chicken

WEDNESDAY:      pepperoni  - Italian sausage & pepperoni  - bbq chicken

THURSDAY:           pepperoni  - bacon cheeseburger - Canadian bacon &                                                         pineapple 

FRIDAY:                  pepperoni - Mr. Pizza special  - 5 cheese

SATURDAY:          bacon cheeseburger - pepperoni  

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Monday thru Saturday 
11 am -1:30pm

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